I am fine! Life just got away from me; I have been busy adulting. I belong to an organization that requires MUCH of my time and effort, and have been writing for them; I simply haven’t had the energy to write for my own blog! As adults, we are often tasked with things which we don’t necessarily enjoy, but are the right thing to do. I am beyond fortunate; I enjoy EVERYTHING I do. Even cleaning cat poop is a joy for me; when you have a grateful heart, even the mundane becomes wonderful. Cleaning cat poop means my cats are healthy and I HAVE cats. Waking up super early means I got enough sleep the day before; attending things I’m supposed to and participating makes me a productive person and not because I HAVE TO but because I WANT to. These days, I only surround myself with and participate in things that bring joy to and enrich my life; I have spent much time simply going through the throes of life; working to make ends meet, having relationships and friendships expected of me (luckily, I have also had some WONDERFUL friendships built on love), and feeling deep shame for not being and doing that which I felt was expected of me. Today, I can truly that these are things of the past. I challenge all of you to break your chains and step out of your boxes; to truly enjoy your life and be grateful for what you do have, even if it is not much. There is absolutely plethora of things to be grateful for; simply pause and count your blessings 🙂



Perhaps, “She is gone…AWOL!” ,you thought. No I am here, I have been working very hard…and my life is changing for the better. Work; that dirty word. Unfortunately, you actually have to do the action required to get the desired results. No one can do “it” for you; although it might, indeed, be nice to have a genie or a fairy godmother. Alas, as that  is not the case, we have to toil diligently if we want the utmost results. It is easy to become discouraged; either because of yourself or society. Try soooo hard not to let that negativity get to you. You have probably have more positive…umph.. than you realize!!

Mental: It’s really okay to have a bad day! I seem like I’m super-peppy and optimistic. I usually am! But do you seriously think there are people who NEVER have bad times?? Really? We are emotional beings by nature; it is actual  not the norm to NOT have emotions. We needn’t be hard on ourselves for being “off”. It just happens 🙂

Physical : Just because others give you limitations,it does not mean you have to accept them. Limits can be pushed and changed; I know this well. You may feel like the world has given up on you, therefore you might as well give up on yourself. Your body can handle quite a bit. Obviously, if something is very painful :not good. But :tired and sore from exercise is a good kind of sore 🙂

Social: Like attracts like. Not scientifically guys! If we are around positive, usually happy go-getters, we might be encouraged to act “as if”. Conversely, cohorting with pessimistic consumers may place a negative spin on one’s life. This is NOT suggesting not to interact with those having a bad spell; like I said, everyone has their moments!

You truly never know what someone else is going through.
You truly never know what someone else is going through.