Sorry I have been gone for a little while; I am having technical difficulties! (Seasonal affective disorder) Eh, I’m used to it!  We had a hurricane a few weeks ago and it brought cold weather. Add low sunlight and presto! It is obnoxious, but I have tools to deal with it and while  a thorn in my side; it is nothing to write home about. Just know you CANNOT control your thoughts and emotions, but you can deal with them in appropriate manner. NOTHING happens without our permission! Negativity in life is inevitable, but it only overcomes us if we ALLOW it! I challenge everyone to concentrate on the haves, rather than have nots! Example : I have very good health (kind of haha, my labs are great!), 2 cats who love me, love in my life, and a roof over my head. I have my life. I will be grateful and slay the day!


Happy Sunday!

Happy Easter to my Christian friends and happy Sunday to others! Whatever your beliefs, I think one thing that can be agreed upon is that this time of year is a sort of renewal; a rebirth if you will, of all things. I look out window and view dogwood and cherry trees bathing in sunlight; the flowers are beginning to blossom, as spring approaches with vigor. I am terribly sorry if you are having a difficult time; it is beautiful outside; there are great things in store. This can be taken as the light after the dark. Winter is very gloomy and depressing; I encourage you to enjoy the fresh air, get some sun (wear sunscreen), and enjoy the beauty at hand. Often, we get so wrapped up in ourselves that we ignore the beauty around us. Take advantage of it!

Morning thoughts

Having my morning mediation interrupted by the sounds of vomiting coming from my living room was definitely not how I wanted to begin my Saturday! But it is what it is! When you love others (and animals), you take care of them and without question or conditions. Often, we place limits on our love and require the opposite party to be seemingly perfect in our eyes. I am not perfect and realize that others are not either; if we allowed and accepted such imperfections, life would be easier. People judge others: whether on looks, status, job, money, illness, etc. and fail to see true inner beauty. My cat has freckles and is fat; he is ADORABLE! Why don’t we view people the same way? He just sleeps and poops; he is perfect (he smells like syrup, too).
If we accepted individuals as they are, flaws and all, humanity would be the better for it. You may think me delusional, with my head in the clouds. I am fully aware of mayhem such as massacres, terrorism, political strife, murder, rape, etc. Trust that I have been privy to chaos in my life. This is primarily done under the guise of hate, fear, and resentments; meeting hate with hate only creates more. Rather than inflaming a situation, it can be met with love and compassion. I will not hate others for their flaws and misdeeds, but love my fellows unconditionally. The world could use it.

At 6 am I have fed my cats, cleaned their poop, eaten, taken my vitamins, meditated, posted memes and advice on other social media sites, and written emails.  I am ridiculous; I can’t sleep past 5 am; it is very funny to me that in my late teens/ early 20s I would still be AWAKE at this hour (with the assistance of substances and mania). Chalk it up to my age, maturity, but most PRACTICING BALANCE and self care! I must sleep for at least 8 hours a day, exercise, meditate, take my medicine and vitamins, drink an intense amount of water, and garner guidance from groups and peers. The sleep part comes in spurts; I usually take a nap mid-day, as I am often awake until 1 am. Life is about balance; listen to your body! Just because I am up this early, I don’t expect YOU to be! Be kind to yourself and at any point you can start your day over!