Life’s imperfect

My weekend was interesting for sure, but all in all very good. Sometimes a proverbial wrench gets thrown into the mix; things do not go as planned. Life is messy, but can be great when we accept “what is”; ignoring the flaws and foibles of our time. All and all, everything is pretty amazing, once viewed as a whole.  Trust that I have not always thought this way. Over time, life has appeared increasingly optimistic and I have come to realize that the energy I unleash will thus be returned to me. It’s best to be kind and loving whenever possible and not take one’s self too seriously. I received news which I wish I hadn’t this weekend; it struck me as funny and absolutely ridiculous, although it was serious. Luckily, I had people I love to discuss the matter with, though not at length; simply mentioning it helped me tremendously. Existence, if viewed as such, is a comedy of errors rather than a veil of tears. On a regular basis, I deal with judgment, bad news, etc.; I have come to have a strong sense of self, however, and simply allow this negativity to bounce off of me. I am NOT Superwoman, was not born with an innate ability to withstand criticism, am not inherently strong. These are all LEARNED behaviors that ANYONE can have; I am NOT special. In the past I have been a criminal, a liar, a cheat, an active addict and alcoholic… amongst many other things too vast to mention. I have become the person I am today through hard work and acceptance of my situation(s) and acknowledgement of the imperfections of life. With all its twists and turns, it is definitely how you view it.


Positive energy

It is readily apparent that the energy  exacted will be thus returned; that which one reaps will be sown. To receive positivity , positivity must be exuded. Alternately, one may be wholly pessimistic and take on the negative. When people speak badly of others, it absolutely has more to do with taken ; not the party of whom they speak. Hurt people hurt people. Well people do not instigate negativity and it’s ensuing repercussions; of this I am aware.  You are the energy you allot the universe; so are others. You will get what you give; what that will be is only a choice you can make.

Law of Attraction

The general idea of this law is that that that which you put out you manifest. For example, if you tell yourself you cannot do something, you set yourself up for failure. If you are positive about an outcome, you will ascertain positive results. We attract the energy we release into the world;not only actions (the road to hell is paved with good intentions), but our attitudes and thoughts. I have mental and physical situations that keep me down; I have to keep believing that will good prevail in my life; I have lived the alternative and I don’t like it one bit. There are sometimes mental and/or physical barriers… but we can allow them to become much worse than they are. Positive thoughts (often in spite of oneself) yields positive results!