Each person has different desires, focuses, and beliefs; they are all valid. If it important to the individual then it matters. I asked for responses to my posed question and received many; some of them differ, but each person has their own thoughts… and that’s ok! I am not here to sway opinion, but rather offer some insight into life.
One woman felt that,” Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”

Another man’s advice: “Trust in your God and turn negatives into positives”

Yet another created a quote,” The ability to remain teachable depirves fear of inevitable failures.” He also ask that I relay this message: ” Coming up with quotes is an artistically swanky way of calling myself out on my BS.”

One man said, ” I gave up the idea I was given that I needed a God or something or someone outside of me to face life , and that I needed something more than me to decide life was worth living. Once I began practicing meditation and mindfulness, I really let go of a lot of confusion and fear of myself and began and continue to feel a sense of freedom to be as I am, in each moment, and to say “yes” to the fullness of life. My daily practices include mirror work of affirming myself, meditation, mindfulness throughout the day of what I’m feeling. Most of all communicating with my inner child every day is the foundation of my practice. Honestly feeling and expressing my emotions. And ultimately not accepting the ideas and beliefs of others as my own. I finally have arrived at an ability to deeply listen to myself and from that strength listen to others and be a friend and member of society. I’m a survivor of domestic violence and horrific abuse. I gave up the idea that my pain was going to magically disappear or that somehow finding out a “divine” purpose for why my parents abused me would be a source of comfort for me. I have found and continue to find the present moment and my basic humanity to be where i find strength and peace to live more and more free.”

A friend I hold on great esteem states: “God is everything and in everything. I have no need to worry or struggle I am part of the great Energy .”
Again these concepts vary and have altering focuses, but perhaps you can each relate to one of them. I do not judge; I am simply sharing what others hold true. Be well and love each other!