15 years

It is no secret that my days 15 years ago were comprised of needles, vodka, knives, blood, vomit, powder, pills, and self-destructive behavior. It is all a blur, but I know that sometime soon (15 years ago) I almost died and became handicapable. As I reflect on my life tonight, I can honestly say I’d change nothing. Indeed, I am supremely happy with my life. No, I don’t have a great deal of material possessions, but  I am supremely content within; something I lacked for much of my life. If I tell you something it is this: you’re alive; if anything be grateful for that. We so often chase that which is elusive; feel inadequate and never enough. You ARE enough! Don’t sell yourself short 🙂 To my friends struggling: you are not broken; maybe scratched, but you’re worth  salvaging! I am not special; if I can come from THAT, trust that ANYONE can! Whatever you do, believe and have faith that anything is possible!


Happy today!

Happy day! Everyday is a great day if I choose. Some days are better than other! I get depressed, get physically unwell, look horrible, but know what? Bad times pass. I’ve learned NOTHING is permanent. If you are handicapable or sick, it’s OK! Everyone has a purpose! Age, status, financial status, relationships, mental or physical health only stops one if allowed! Just do you! The best for YOU, no one else! YOU!