Listening to beautiful music; reflecting on my life. It’s bloody amazing! I am beyond blessed! I’ve had a super month so far; I made a great new friend who was my father’s high school friend, am walking again, and was able to increase my exercise by 20 %. I  am going to use an old format that I haven’t used in years. REMINDER! These are merely suggestions! I am not God and am absolutely not telling anyone what to do!

Physical: PUSH yourself, but be SAFE!  Example: I was terrified to walk, but I knew I’d get nowhere unless I TRIED! You best believe I had a wall beside me in case I needed support! When I exercise, if I’m merely tired I continue, but if somethings is painful, I stop. If I seriously hurt myself… well that is NO good!

Mental: It’s perfectly ok to have bad times! Yes, I do,too! Life isn’t perfect; people aren’t perfect! I have found great people I can talk to about my deepest problems! It’s a blessing to be able to tell people my woes (I don’t share EVERYTHING on here lol). It is amazing to be able to use others and that which is for help!

Spiritual: I had a series of horrible events happen back to back last summer. One was something frightening that caused police involvement. I realized the next morning that this person was not well. I prayed for their happiness and for them to be well. I prayed for their inner peace and that they not hurt another person. I cannot describe the relief I felt. Often people carry anger and resentment with them for so long, it causes bitterness and grief. I need not hold onto such or it will consume me!



“It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.”
― Saint Augustine 


Humility is indeed an art form; I write and talk explicitly in the hopes of encouraging and inspiring. The mere fact that I am writing publicly about humility is indeed any oxymoron. I am definitely not the most humble person in existence, yet I try my damndest. One need not be boastful about their accomplishments (I often am), but let their life and actions speak for them. I am indeed very little if I am mere talk with no actions behind me. Talk of one’s humility is extremely ironic, for often if one speaks of their humility, they are not such. I have many friends who are humble to a fault and do not like to be recognized in ANY fashion. I respect the hell out of them!  It is not in my nature to do such; I try my best, but often fall short. I am well aware that I am not the smartest or most beautiful person that ever was or will be; I am neither a saint nor brilliant nor supermodel, but I am loved and that is good enough! I will attempt to practice humility as best I can… while still blogging J

Positive or negative?

This morning was rocky (physically), I had trouble walking; for a brief instant I was upset. Then I mentally told myself, “This will pass, this will not stop  me, I am going to have a good day Damn It!” I have many friends who are struggling with some major life issues; the fact that I have trouble walking for a few hours does not even begin to compare! I think about my friends all the time, send them love (sometimes I slack on calling, etc. 🙁  ); whether or not they believe in their abilities- I DO!!! If you are my good friend or I barely know you…you have good in you! Choose to use it….you have the ability, live positive and your mind will follow!

Mental: Sometimes bad things happen but you can go down with the ship or stay afloat. Life isn’t perfect (at least I have DEFINITELY found that true!), but you can at least do the best you can with what you’re working with. We all have bad moments, days, weeks, years, etc, but your perspective can dramatically change even the worst of times. Often, we can make a huge “to do” out of something that is actually very trivial. If it actually IS a big deal, TELL yourself: you will get through this, overcome your obstacle.

Physical : Continuation of mental; if the obstacle is physical, sometimes it’s not so easy. But if you stay positive, you will naturally do and feel the best about your situation, whether you’re confined to a wheelchair or have a twisted ankle,etc. Don’t give up if you’re not doing well in daily physical life or not playing up to par in athletics; you are perfectly entitled to an “off” time. Just keep trying and don’t throw in the towel in frustration; giving up will condemn you to failure and can make you feel upset with yourself.

Social: Like the saying says: “No man is an island”, though that’s not exactly what most of us learn. I was taught that independence, self-sufficiency, self-discipline,etc. were paramount. Those are admirable… but those ideal also made me feel horribly alone,isolated. Ironically, admitting I could not, actually, exist independent of the world has made me a much stronger person. I had to quit being so damn stubborn and actually listen to people. Whether it is in the mental or physical realms, let people guide you and help you! You do not learn lessons through osmosis!

what you tell yourself


I love people, especially my friends; sometimes people don’t know how damn AWESOME and meaningful they are in this world. Everyone in existence has a place in this world, whether we choose to be givers or takers is up to the individual. You all inspire me, from good friends who I speak with at length, to a random stranger holding a door open, to a random word of encouragement; every bit improves my world and the world in general. Unfortunately, we do not live in Utopia; it is very difficult to not succumb to the woes of the world. Often times, it seems there is more negative than positive; I don’t ignore the negative; but try very hard to search for the positive. Believe me, it is there! Just not as sensational; often times wonderful people and situations do not garner headlines; just because you do not receive accolades does NOT mean you are not making a difference!

Mental: Do not use negative self-talk;what you think you manifest. Rather than tell yourself “I suck” (my mantra for a long time), tell yourself, “I am awesome!”; however do not think you have to be perfect or get a big ego. It’s a tough fall if you fall from a pedestal! But don’t be down on yourself from the onset. Also (and this is major for some people), if everyone around you is encouraging you to think less of yourself, do NOT listen. Just listen politely (if necessary) or if you can remove yourself. Try not to engage or fight; this often just inflames a situation. Realize that, unless it is constructive criticism (if what someone’s saying is only aimed to make you feel bad or is hateful) it is not going to improve your quality of life.

Physical: If you do cardio, aim for a little longer; weights or cans, a little more. Bit by bit, you will see improvement. Exercise, even small, boosts the immune system and increases physiologic function; it is not all about aesthetics. Exercise and the immune system writing . Video. The majority of  clients at my gym are older in age and they are fantastic! It’s not about having the tightest clothes or lifting the heaviest weights; it’s improving your life and feeling good!

Social : Try not to let social problems get you down;easier said than done! It is impossible to read or watch the news without hearing “bad” headlines. Bad things happen in the world; if they really bother you, do something rather than just talk about them. I am not suggesting you do anything violent or harmful, but if you can make an impact, for the BETTER (not what YOU think is best, but what is right for humanity) …. just do it! And do not let such situations consume your being; you are not an individual according to social structures. You are YOU!