I am fine! Life just got away from me; I have been busy adulting. I belong to an organization that requires MUCH of my time and effort, and have been writing for them; I simply haven’t had the energy to write for my own blog! As adults, we are often tasked with things which we don’t necessarily enjoy, but are the right thing to do. I am beyond fortunate; I enjoy EVERYTHING I do. Even cleaning cat poop is a joy for me; when you have a grateful heart, even the mundane becomes wonderful. Cleaning cat poop means my cats are healthy and I HAVE cats. Waking up super early means I got enough sleep the day before; attending things I’m supposed to and participating makes me a productive person and not because I HAVE TO but because I WANT to. These days, I only surround myself with and participate in things that bring joy to and enrich my life; I have spent much time simply going through the throes of life; working to make ends meet, having relationships and friendships expected of me (luckily, I have also had some WONDERFUL friendships built on love), and feeling deep shame for not being and doing that which I felt was expected of me. Today, I can truly that these are things of the past. I challenge all of you to break your chains and step out of your boxes; to truly enjoy your life and be grateful for what you do have, even if it is not much. There is absolutely plethora of things to be grateful for; simply pause and count your blessings 🙂


Here and Now

You are you, here and now, take it or leave it (YOU take it!) If other people fail to”take it” , that is ok; not everyone is alike (and that is alright!). People are people, all fallible, but we do have commonalities that unite us; the most glaring of which is that we are all human beings. Ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, political vantage points, etc. aside; we are all fellows on this planet. This may sound hopelessly optimistic, and a flawed viewpoint; think back to when you were young. You probably didn’t have prejudices and convictions until they were taught to you be some social influence. We were all blank slates once; it is easy to forget, yet rememberence serves one well.

Mental: You are enough;  whatever you’ve been told or taught. You might not be what society (or you or your social circles) expected, but you are where you are in this world. Don’t let your own or others’ expectations of or disappointments in, take that away from you. I have seen people’s fear of others’ ideals and judgements keep them frozen with terror, and ultimately almost destroying them because they feel as though they will never be “good” enough for other people. Disregard what others think; be you for you, not others.

Physical: Keep moving; maybe not literally! It is hard to do this , quite often; but finding ourselves stuck in an unproductive rut can lead to feelings of uselessness and futility. Best to attempt to do SOMETHING, even getting out of bed is SOMETHING! Something is  better than nothing (so I hear),sometimes you have to just put one foot in front of the other and soldier on… even when it’s difficult. Whether working out, in sports, LIVING, business, volunteering, anything!! just DO it.

Social: It is good to have friends, not yes men or social buddies or an entourage, but real FRIENDS. People who love you for you; not your social status, your money, clothes, car, hair, yadda. Real people who could care less about these things; focusing on such hinders the person in question from seeing the true qualities and attributes an individual may possess. Judge not.

be the best you