15 years

It is no secret that my days 15 years ago were comprised of needles, vodka, knives, blood, vomit, powder, pills, and self-destructive behavior. It is all a blur, but I know that sometime soon (15 years ago) I almost died and became handicapable. As I reflect on my life tonight, I can honestly say I’d change nothing. Indeed, I am supremely happy with my life. No, I don’t have a great deal of material possessions, but  I am supremely content within; something I lacked for much of my life. If I tell you something it is this: you’re alive; if anything be grateful for that. We so often chase that which is elusive; feel inadequate and never enough. You ARE enough! Don’t sell yourself short 🙂 To my friends struggling: you are not broken; maybe scratched, but you’re worth  salvaging! I am not special; if I can come from THAT, trust that ANYONE can! Whatever you do, believe and have faith that anything is possible!


Positive energy

It is readily apparent that the energy  exacted will be thus returned; that which one reaps will be sown. To receive positivity , positivity must be exuded. Alternately, one may be wholly pessimistic and take on the negative. When people speak badly of others, it absolutely has more to do with taken ; not the party of whom they speak. Hurt people hurt people. Well people do not instigate negativity and it’s ensuing repercussions; of this I am aware.  You are the energy you allot the universe; so are others. You will get what you give; what that will be is only a choice you can make.