“It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.”
― Saint Augustine 


Humility is indeed an art form; I write and talk explicitly in the hopes of encouraging and inspiring. The mere fact that I am writing publicly about humility is indeed any oxymoron. I am definitely not the most humble person in existence, yet I try my damndest. One need not be boastful about their accomplishments (I often am), but let their life and actions speak for them. I am indeed very little if I am mere talk with no actions behind me. Talk of one’s humility is extremely ironic, for often if one speaks of their humility, they are not such. I have many friends who are humble to a fault and do not like to be recognized in ANY fashion. I respect the hell out of them!  It is not in my nature to do such; I try my best, but often fall short. I am well aware that I am not the smartest or most beautiful person that ever was or will be; I am neither a saint nor brilliant nor supermodel, but I am loved and that is good enough! I will attempt to practice humility as best I can… while still blogging J



“One filled with joy preaches without preaching.”
–Mother Teresa


I hope I never come across as preachy; if I do, I apologize. Someone who has had great influence on me once told me: we walk this path shoulder to shoulder. Woe be it to me to stand on a soapbox and attempt to control people. I cannot; each person will do what they want to do; I simply aim to encourage and inspire, never preach. Let bygones be bygones and you can indeed affect the world; not letting anyone affect you negatively. No one! If I make you angry, I apologize in advance. Some people despise love and happiness and find it obnoxious; it strikes me as very funny. Let your actions speak for you. I am simply a conglomerate of my words and especially deeds; these must be congruent if I am to live a fruitful life of balance. Today, I am filled with joy, despite external “things”.

Dodging a bullet (kind of ) and my ego

I had an incident this morning; I took normal OTC medicine that was basic (I didn’t even think about it) and my body did NOT like it. Like I’ve said I am bipolar AND have neurological issues. First off, I was shaky and unsteady, but what was very scary was the prospect that my mental state may be effected. Thank God it wasn’t! When I got to the gym this morning to work out (like usual), I was embarassed, and a very real part of me did not want people to see me in that state;what if they thought badly of me? But you know what,  it helped to put things in perspective; I was having a bad morning (point blank). I am nowhere near perfect mentally or physically and if I was not my best, that is ok! If my pride wanted me to hide from people, I would not work out (or practice) and who would that really hurt:ME. Often times our pride and ego keep us from living life,whether you don’t think you look good enough, are acting good enough, are performing well enough. All you can do is the best you can do at that moment. Don’t let your ego stop you from living your life. We all have flaws, don’t let them consume you to the point of inaction

Mental: Do the best you can with what you’re working with. If you’re having a bad moment or  day; do not beat yourself up over mistakes. Try to learn from them, but no one should expect you to do something perfectly always, ESPECIALLY if it is something you have never done before. Strive for the best, but if you don’t succeed,it is OK. Don’t get discouraged or give up! If you’re having a tough day mentally, talk to someone; don’t hold it inside and let it effect you negatively.

Physical: Regarding exercise;steadily increase your time, repetitions, sets, etc; and they will add up. If you are supposed to do a certain activity (balance, physical therapy, or weights,etc.) for a certain amount of time, push yourself to exceed it (if SAFE!) Regarding health; take care of yourself physically. This can mean: drinking more water (not fluids with sugar) , taking vitamins, taking medication as recommended, eating well,etc. It helps me to have set times to do these things; I tend to be scatter-brained; I need reminders. Alarms and pillboxes help, as does drinking large glasses of water with your meals, this way it is more difficult to forget these things.

Social : I have said it before;it is OK to ask for help if you really need it. Don’t learn to abuse it, but ask if you need it. NO, it does not make you weak or incapable…it makes you human, which if you’re reading this (hopefully!) you are.

start where you are