To be human

The world is indeed writhe with negativity; I am involved with human and animal rights and am absolutely privy to atrocity. Many people whom I love dearly suffer immensely at the hands of society, their family, their own minds, their bodies, etc. I am far from perfect and fight my own battles; as stated before, we walk through life shoulder to shoulder to shoulder. No single person is better than anyone else. We have had and continue to have different experiences. I cannot judge anyone for their choices, as I am not THEM.  I do know dishonesty and cruelty are wrong no matter what; this has impacted me and loved ones immensely. If you find you practice this, I implore you to cease and desist; realize how your actions impact others. Is that truly the energy you want to surround you? I was just checking my e-mails and reading of world and my friends’ woes; it is truly heartbreaking. I have to realize, however, (not being callous) I can only be the best me, act as a guide, listen when needed. I cannot make decisions for anyone; each person acts as themselves and is free to make their own choices (bad or good). Loving people deeply and unconditionally can have a profound effect; often we are so consumed with self that we lose our empathy for others. It is in this love that we become true human beings.