When you think about it, life is pretty damn beautiful. I am no stranger to chaos and death; amidst it, there remains beauty. I have been thinking recently of the incongruity and chaos of the world around me; it is still marvelous and good. Think of the yin-yang; in everything good, there is bad. In the bad can be found good. Everything has a complimentary opposite; this completes it and makes it whole. Without suffering and pain, there would be no good; so it is. Life just is; how we choose to view it is just that: a choice. Those who know my life story are well aware that I speak as someone who has suffered tremendous pain and loss; I do not deny ANYONE’S pain. Pain is pain is pain; I have repercussions that affect me to this day, and will affect everyone around me. I am aware; however, I cannot use my pain as an excuse to feel sorry for myself. I absolutely do NOT. Believe there are so many reasons to feel bad, but feelings aren’t FACT and I know MINE attempt to make me sit on my pity-pot. I attempt to remain grateful for that which I have, rather than ruminate on that which I lack. Even if there is only one thing for which to be grateful, it is SOMETHING. Yes, life in its chaos is beautiful!