Today and yesterday…

Stellar day yesterday! No, everyday is not perfect by any means, but I make the choice to be positive no matter WHAT. There is ALWAYS a silver lining, you can look at the negative as failure or learning experiences. I could look at my dad’s death negatively; say I lost my father, tragically young OR say I HAD a father for 21 years. I can drown in all the negative in my life, or choose to use it is as a chance to be more empathetic. I can choose to give freely of my time and love or remain selfish and keep my joys to myself. I have plenty of mistakes recently (BELIEVE that!), but these days, I am quick to admit when I’ve acted inappropriately and correct the situation. I have many reasons to falter, but these are not excuses to fail to take responsibility for bad behavior. I am very tired, I will hold my tongue today, for I need not release negativity into the universe. I will also be gentle with myself; realizing I can only try my best. If I fail, I will correct it and learn, rather than give up! We all have a choice as to whether or not we will start again at any given point! Choose well!

When we do good, we feel good about  ourselves! When we do bad and fail to correct the situation, we feel bad. At least I know I do! I challenge everyone to be ridiculously kind and spread your love today. When the situation arises, don’t be afraid to tell someone how much they mean to you. Mistakes can quickly be corrected or else we carry around unnecessary negativity in our souls. I was desperately negative in the past and am well aware everyone is simply where they are. Whether you have a mental illness, a disease , a disability or other simply be you and do your best! It’s all anyone can do!


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