The only way to speak truth is to speak lovingly.  —Thoreau

There is but one way to speak your truth; with ultimate love. One cannot view the forest through the trees and know truth if they are blinded by hate and they are clouded by circumstance and superfluous elements. Speak your truth; ever running the litmus test… is it kind, loving, and necessary.  The energy one exudes upon the universe is permanent, will I choose to make it positive or negative. Thought before action. Is this the right thing to do? And if I act hastily and out of control, do I thusly take responsibility for and correct my actions or do I harbor ill-will and cling to my negativity. Honestly? Barring organic causes, I am as happy as I choose and am able to determine whether or not I remain grateful. Example: I am extremely tired right now, yet I have things I need to accomplish; I am alive and loved and for that, I am eternally grateful. Yes, today I will go forth with love, holding no ill-will in my heart, all the while respecting myself and giving of my heart and also being kind to myself  <3


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