“Don’t be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can’t
cross a chasm in two small jumps.”
— David Lloyd George

Fear is a wonderful deterrent; often we are loathe to take chances because we’re fearful of the outcome. Honestly, I was petrified to leave a 9-5 job to start a blog, but it was my dream. Sharing my love as a job is not exactly financially rewarding, yet I find I am absolutely taken care of. The rewards of giving of oneself are so magnificent that one becomes blind to superfluous matters. I have also been privy to taking a multitude of risks and falling flat on my face! But at least I tried; without trying, one will never know. I have a loud voice; I am all over the place. However, I have MANY loved ones who remain in the shadows and choose to remain anonymous. I love them dearly and am aware that one need not be a booming voice to have a great effect. Several of my best friends are not even ON the internet or choose not to comment on my posts. I greatly appreciate all that do and also those that don’t. Knowing I’m reaching people and they pay attention to my often ridiculous ramblings makes my heart smile!  Happiness and gratitude are action words; it is not posting happy quotes and pictures only, but how one lives. Anyone that knows me knows it is a way of life for me; I am NOT alone.  There are many people around me who practice unbridled, unconditional love. I know this, and am beyond grateful for them! I am filled with great love; even in the face of adversity. Smile and ignore the haters; it’ll be a great day if you choose such!


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