Limits lie within the mind; the free individual is not held back by their past, trespasses against them, addiction, physical disabilities, mental disabilties, etc . It is perfectly natural to grieve and feel sad, but I warm about dwelling on such; this serves no purpose but prolonging hurt. Live not for your problems, rather in spite of these. Without your permission, limits do not exist. For those who do not know, I am physically disabled (I use a walker). I am also extremely active in my community. We all have a reason or reasons to garner sympathy from others and feel tremendous loss, grief, or shame; again, this serves no purpose except for causing an instillation of depressive feelings towards oneself. Everyone has a decision to make; to be brave in the face of adversity or crumble and disappear. The Phoenix dies everyday an the next , rises from it’s ashes. Choose to love and live without limits and choose to live as the Phoenix .


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Beautiful post and I love that picture by the way too! 🙂