Life is not about the destination, but rather the path one travels and journey taken along the way. I have collected many scars (both figurative AND literal) during my life… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. These scars are badges of honor; they proved I showed up for the battle, whether I won or lost is not important: I was there. I have mental scars in my mind and scars all over my arms from cutting myself (not recent); I wear these proudly and unabashedly. People judge and I let them; I am not crazy and my scars don’t make me ugly: they are a part of me and if they offend you… well, I’m sorry. This is something I went through, it is not to be judged, is actually extremely sad, and not a reason for me to be looked down on. My mental scars are not visible, but these, too, I put forth with pride; for they are, indeed, a part of me (but not who I AM). These things I share with you, again with pride; I have been looked down on: very cruel people have reprimanded me for seeking attention. I have indeed sought attention, but not from my wounds; these are very sad and I never intended to garner an sort of status from said hurts.
If one has scars or dents on their body or psyche, wear them PROUDLY! They are not embarassing, they are a part of you (but not YOU) and a thing to, once again, prove you showed up to to the battle.



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