This morning!

If you think your situation is sad, picture this: I went to bed at 7:30 pm (I woke up at 11:30 because my cat pooped) , I  am solo and sharing soy bacon in the dark with my cat in my bed at 4 am! Not exactly living the life 🙂 I am happy! Despite the desperately pathetic circumstances; I am actually laughing at how sad it is. Life does not have to be so serious; if I took my circumstances to heart, my head would explode. Life is what we think it to be, rather the situations in which we find ourselves involved, how we feel, or what we are currently going through or have in the past. I have a  plethora of physical and mental illnesses I deal with on a daily basis. I battle things of which I am not at liberty to say; all of which I approach with hilarity. Taking oneself completely seriously often leads to anger and resentments; I do not want to be known as a bitter, grumpy individual, but rather someone who brought joy and inspiration to others. If I inspire just one person, my life has purpose. Not saying there is not seriousness to life; there are, currently, events transpiring that are gravely serious; in comparison, is my situation so bad? I hear of world and people’s woes and realize that my life if not as sorry as sorrowful as it seems. Yes, I keep the schedule of a 90 year old (if there are 90 year olds reading-solidarity!), live alone with cat-children, have a walker and osteopoenia, as well as a variety of other ailments I will not mention right now. Despite it all, I am happy!! My life is what I think and what I do; other’s attempts at forcing me to view my situation with severity ultimately fail. No person has the ability to force me to think something; unless I allow someone that power, it is simply something they do not have. I will take situations seriously when warranted, but otherwise (in comparison), are things really so bad?



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