Religion and Spirituality


I am not Christian, nor Buddhist, nor Muslim, nor Taoist, etc. I see the validity in all religion and have GREAT respect for each. I am absolutely aware of each of them; I was a religion major in college; trust that I have thoroughly studied texts and details. I was immersed in religious culture for six years. Although I, myself, have no religious leaning, I do believe in God; not in a religious, but spiritual manner. I rarely discuss my flavor of religion and truly hope I do not lose peers over my admittance of such. Indeed, I have friends of every religion under the sun; to each their own. I love and respect each of them immensely; “Judge lest not ye be judged”. Spirituality does not require certain religious beliefs, it is sometimes standard, yet not required. As stated, I do believe in God or a higher power if that suits you, but do no adhere to any specific religious practice. This may find some people scratching their heads; questioning how someone that espouses unconditional love, karma, etc. is not of their religious beliefs; it could be argued that religion does not make a person. It is simply a belief one holds; a person can be loving and kind without having such. Conversely, an individual can be horrid while hiding behind their religious beliefs.

I do believe in God; I have found that my life’s problems are lessened when I admit that I am not in control and let something else guide me. Try as I might, I do not direct this world; I gave up that attempt up long ago. Whatever the religious belief, is not love the ultimate goal? It was instilled in me from childhood that “God is love”; a concept that I carry into adulthood. Religion does not inspire hate, it teaches acceptance and tolerance; not hating people for their differences. I surrender to God daily; I am not religious. My religion is love and compassion; do not go forward in hate, but love each other despite differences. If no one has yet told you; I love you.B6ED3E25-5EA1-4D51-AE7C-E7C14B3E1F38.jpeg

“Be kind whenever possible…it is always possible.” Dalai Lama


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