Like and acceptance are not mutually exclusive; it is possible that they exist in unison. When we accept a situation for what it is, we are more able to move forward . We may have troubling, all-consuming situations in our lives, but the more we struggle with these; often the more tired we grow. The juxtaposition is in fighting while simultaneously surrendering. There is sometimes great strength in admitting out flaws; when they’re recognized, they can thus be corrected.

Without admittance and acceptance, we more readily hold onto resentment; often leading to feelings of shame and disillusionment . It is absolutely possible to detest a situation while letting it be what it will be. Ex: my father passed away sixteen years ago today. Do I like it; no. Do I accept it; yes. When we dwell on the negative and fail to accept things and events in life, this can ultimately lead to feelings of futility.

Often, we hold onto fear, anger, and resentment and allow them to make us feel inadequate, angry, sad, etc. Remember that feelings are not fact; they will pass. In the grand scheme of life, how bad is your problem?  That which you tell yourself, you will often believe. If you think the worst, you will thus feel bad. Making the best of a situation is often difficult, but it is beneficial to one’s psyche.


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