Not perfection

Progress; not perfection. I had a bad morning and I found myself eating vegan corn dogs and soy ice cream at 6:30 am; 10 years ago I would have been bingeing and purging everything I had. I can handle some corn dogs; I must say, I felt like Chunk from the Goonies combined with one of Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompas.  I accept that I’m not perfect; it’s perfectly alright to be human and have flaws, but not a good idea to make them habitual and remain “stuck” in negativity.

I am quite sure I will find myself doing something similar in the future. I wrote about my stress, called friends, meditated ; I did not choose to binge, drink, drug, or act impulsively. It is the small victories 😜Often times , we feel a need to be the best at EVERYTHING we do. I’ll readily admit: I’m HORRIBLE at math and technology . Perfection in those areas is laughable, but there is always someone to help me.

We can love ourselves despite imperfections and accept help when necessary . “No man is an island”



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