Change is often frightening , but what is scarier is staying  stuck; in chaos, pessimism, or negative situations. Often times we feel stuck and as though absolutely nothing will alleviate our pain. I can attest that when we face fear and change despite, often (not always), the pain dissipates. This is not to say awful things do occur; life is life. While I DO tout gratitude and optimism; each person’s pain is completely valid and NOT trivial. Often,small things ( instances that some people might take in stride) have a great effect on people .

As human beings we face fear; even the bravest among us deal with this. In society today, it is common to put on a front of having no fear; again will say that the bravest men and women have fear, but do not let it stop them. When in a negative situation; one has a choice as to whether on to stay in it’s grip or face (sometimes debilating) fear and move forward.

If you’re seriously struggling with something, please seek help. I am simply peer ; imparting knowledge. I am NOT a professional .





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