Mental illness

I have only mentioned this but briefly, as my focus is the solution, not the problem; I do not hide this. I am NOT ashamed to admit I have bipolar as well as a history of severe eating disorders, cutting , ptsd , suicide attempts; I have myriad of inpatient treatments under my belt. Fortuneatly, I have been stable for years now;  I was never a dangerous or bad person. Stigma towards this is extremely negative and the mentally ill are often treated as crazy and dangerous parriahs. I was fighting for animal a human rights, was vegetarian, and was upset at the death of bugs.

I currently have myriad of peers and loved ones who suffer; they are not drains  and bad people any more than the physically ill. They are simply sick; this needn’t be judged or feared. The world is writhe with malicious individuals who are not mentally ill. It’s about time to erase stigma. We (me included) cannot control our illness any more than someone can control a physical sickness. Each person has a choice as to their level of gratitude, despite. Feelings and emotions are beyond our control, but we can choose to be brave and say, “I am going to continue as best I can with a grateful heart”.



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