Like I’ve said; there is a distinct difference between guilt and shame. It is healthy to have a sense of guilt, for we learn from our mistakes. However, shame would have us believe we ARE a mistake. With few exceptions, people are not inherently bad; often a lifetime of learning and indoctrination are at play in people’s lives. Realize that more often than not, individuals (including you) are often misguiding, suffering, and often angry. If one takes this to heart, it often alleviates the notion of perfection and lends credence to acceptance.

One can absolutely feel a sense of guilt while remaining free from shame. We act in ways that make us remorseful, but one often feels shameful; like a bad person. I know this feeling all too well; it often leads to places of dark isolation. One of my favorite sayings :”Feelings aren’t facts!”. If you fee this way, know that you are absolutely not alone with your feelings .


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