All good❤️

So my post erased three times, my Internet was not working, my phone wouldn’t work earlier, and my cat pooped on my floor! In the grand scheme of things, those things are just minor annoyances. People are confronting tragedy as I write this ; I will share something sad, but inspirational at the same time:

My good friend passed away this weekend at a young age; he wasn’t sick and it was shocking and unexpected. As a strive to be, he was extremely happy, full of life, and ever helping others. It warms my heart that he gave others life through organ donation; these were his wishes. This is a controversial subject; one that I will not preach on. I am happy, however, that his wish was fulfilled and even in death he was able to help others; not only a little, but ALOT. Let your love spread and be kind; don’t keep this to yourself.


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