Grief and Loss

Grief takes hold in many different ways and for many different reasons. It can be caused by the death of a loved one, the loss of a relationship, job loss, and friendship ending, the loss of a substance, etc. Each of these has a definite effect ; it often feels as though the world is ending… but it is not so unless you allow it. What we think will manifest; if we tell ourselves that a situation is final and hopeless we will believe it so and allow ourselves to feel pessimistic. Conversely, if we practice positive self-talk; we often find we can more easily handle a seemingly tragic situation. Everyone (at some point in their lives) will face a loss at some point; it is inevitable. Life is rarely fair nor is it always kind; losses range in scale and intensity, but they occur. If it is magnanimous; know you are not the only one with grandiose problems in your life. If the problem at hand is minute; one need not feel guilty and ashamed. Simply look at it in the grand scheme of things; it is often the broken shoelaces that affect us the most.

Maintaining a positive attitude in the face of grief is often a daunting task; yet not impossible. There is ALWAYS something to remain hopeful and grateful for. For example; I am very disabled and have a walker and fall on occasion, but I have four limbs (some people are not so fortunate), my father died when I was 21 (I might have lost my father, somewhat tragically, at a young age, but I HAD a father for 21 years where many do not), I am mentally ill (but I have been stable for nine years), ad infinitum. One’s attitude shapes their lives; with every end comes a new beginning. It is possible to face loss with bravery and not allow it to consume you; do not suppress it. Face it and voice it; rather than deal with it alone.


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