Practicing gratitude

When I was younger, I received a fancy gratitude journal to write in; in the hopes that I may reach some semblance of happiness… I never even so much as wrote one single word. The following is a practical technique I use quite often; it does not require much pomp (unless you desire such). All you need is a journal or piece of paper (I use my computer, because I have trouble writing longhand). Simply write five things you are grateful for; five things. We are often so fixated on the negatives in our lives that we lose sight of our many blessings; it is often difficult and feels ridiculous at first. You may feel you have nothing or little to be grateful for. For example, if you are in an abusive relationship, but have clothes on your back; if you live in poverty, but have a bicycle; if you have a fully functioning body; you are ALIVE if you are reading this, so you have at least ONE thing to be grateful for.

Things on my gratitude list this morning; I am grateful to have friends share funny cat photos with, for fresh fruit, sweatpants, indoor plumbing, and flavored water. They don’t need to be huge things; you need to place your life under a microscope. Simple pleasure that make life enjoyable; like I said, quite often we cling to what is wrong with our lives rather than enjoying the little things. You need not look at the big picture, but rather find comfort in the small.


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