Facing problems

Like I said; I did not have the greatest day yesterday, but today is a new day! Whatever problems we face, we have the ability to deal with them as best we can. Not according to others, but as YOU are able. Know that your problems probably pale in comparison to others. I am losing a friend, yes, but not a son, a brother, a significant other. With the exception of a few, my problems are mostly corralled today. But they have not always been; my problems have, for the most part, been blown up to extremes by ME. Realize that whatever your mental or physical health, your life problems, and so on; these challenges are surmountable if they’re accepted for what they are. Everyone has battles and struggles; it is part of the human condition.

People are not “fixed”, but rather must maintain their physical, mental, and spiritual health if they are to thrive. Much like a car engine; one must regularly refill the tank. So it goes with people, we must get our “fix” on a daily basis; it is a choice as to whether that “fix” is positive or negative. We are constantly facing big life issues and choices, but we must be sure not to let them break us. Life is a series of choices; remain hopeful.


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