Be brave

I have been a patient of various mental and physical health doctors more than care to mention, from a young age.  Naturally, I have a wealth of knowledge and take an intense interesting in overall wellbeing. This being said; I am but a mouthpiece for those grappling with issues of mind, body, and spirit. I cannot emphasize enough that I am merely a peer and do not think myself ANY better than anyone, nor am a trying to win a popularity contest with followers. In today’s world, we often do not want to admit we need guidance from doctors, peers, etc. I do not feel ashamed about admitting my need for professionals, friends, family, etc. We are often told to be “have no fear” and be independent, however (I would argue) that everyone has fear; it is what we do with this fear that matters. Bravery; despite what your diagnoses, life challenges (break-ups, loss of jobs, DEATHS, etc.), body woes, or what have you. Bravery is not lack of fear; rather facing the fear and continuing despite.

No matter what my challenges ( I have a multitude) or what I face, I will be brave. I am ABSOLUTELY not unique either; I wasn’t born special and have faced life on life’s terms. I have had experience being a huge ass; trust me, my family and friends would wholeheartedly agree. I did not reach this point and become the woman I am today by sitting on my ass and not working my butt off. I am not special; 16 years ago I was completely out of control in every way POSSIBLE and it took years of hard work and facing my deepest fears to come back to life. I also am not ashamed to say I have dealt with bipolar disorder, suicidality, self-mutilation, addiction, severe anorexia and bulimia, and a later physical handicap ( I have an awesome walker; it’s red!!) If you deal with mental or physical issues, body image, addiction, have been or ARE a jerk, think yourself an awful person, consider yourself a drain on those around you, or thin yourself a hopeless case… fret not! If you are ashamed of whom you are… don’t be; all you can do is your damndest; and that is enough.


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