My world

Yes, my reality is sometimes different than the average, but I am not odd or different. I am a human being, like each person; our differences don’t divide, but rather unite us. The world needs more empathy and it’s up to each of us to practice. Spread love and compassion; not hate and resentment. For a large portion of my life, I felt different and like an outcast; this was due to both mental and physical disabilities that I harbored resentment towards. I failed to see how I added to this world; I felt like a drain of money, resources… people. Others loved me, unconditionally, yet it wasn’t accepted or returned. I was selfish; even when I thought myself the worst (for thinking me the WORST was also selfish). Its one thing to be humble; yet another to imagine you’re the WORST. I do not win a gold medal in humility; I often have to “bring myself down a notch”.  One of my realities is that I often live in La-La Land and have my head in the clouds! I am grateful to have friends and family who bring my back to reality.

The world is full of false realities and would lead us to believe we are not alright if we don’t look and act certain ways. There is not one standard equation; there are many. Realize that, despite imperfections, you are a human being before your problems.


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