Acceptance of flaws

I’m super shaky today; I’m going to be ok! Things I think: I got a full night’s sleep, I had to hold onto my cat’s litter box (but I didn’t fall in!), I have things to hold onto, and am blessed to have a walker; my mental health is stellar today!  I am going to have days like this; I had a stroke in 2003. I fully accept my predicament and am completely empathetic to EVERYONE with any disability, whether it is lack of vision, hearing, mental, physical, etc. I have a decade plus of lessons under my belt. If you are new to the disabled world, welcome! You are not weird or different; you are NOT your disability, but rather YOU and a person first!

There is no need to fight against it! Acceptance is key; this includes embracing your imperfections. I also have bipolar disorder; something I haven’t openly discussed, but am NOT ashamed of. I have been (mostly) stable for nine years now, but absolutely know the struggles of mental AND physical illness. NEVER feel as though you are alone; other people struggle, too. Whatever your ailment, mental or physical; think of things you have, rather than those you do not. You may have a horrible family, have been abused or neglected as a child, have ailments now, have a horrible living situation, etc. But there is always something to be grateful for. The past is over; we can either accept our past and disabilities at face value or be angry and resentful towards them. It’s a choice! Choose wisely; what will make you happiest??


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