Physical activity and sunshine

Did you know that exercise helps prevent and improve a number of health problems, including high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis? Research on the improvement of depression and anxiety due to regular exercise has also been studied. Much research has been done on these subjects; it is not a cure-all, but definitely an improvement. There is a definitive link between mentality and physical health; one need not look far to find studies on this subject. It has been studied meticulously and has much data to support the studies. Another benefit:  A number of studies on the subject have shown that physical activity improves creative thinking, for a couple of hours after exercise. In conclusion, regular exercise will improve one’s physical and mental health; as well as improve cognition and creativity in the brain.

Some individuals, for specific reasons, are unable to exercise.  Simply getting sunlight (sitting in front of an open, sunlit window) has a significant impact on mental health. Have you ever wondered why you get so blue during the winter or on a rainy day? It is largely due to a lack of sunlight and inactivity. There are absolutely physical activities you can do indoors. I know, I am disabled and cannot walk on my own; I do not perform outdoor activities… but I venture outside, whether it is for fresh air and sunshine or to perform everyday tasks. You do what you can do. It’s perfectly fine if you can’t do it all. Do what you can; not what the world expects. Do your best for yourself; not those around you.


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