Speak and Accept

I say this with CAUTION and continue with warning! Usually, I find myself to be my own best advocate. I say USUALLY, for there are times when my thinking is faulty AT BEST and I ABSOLUTELY need the guidance and direction of those around me. However, if I am doing what’s BEST for me (not as I would have it at the time), I often find a sense of ease standing up for myself. NOT being argumentative and shirking advice, but in admitting when I need help and being open about myself. I am a flawed individual, who often needs a mirror all but held up to my face to see the truth; however, if I do not have the wherewithal to be truthful, how can others help me? I know myself better than anyone else; like I stated, sometimes my thinking and reality are skewed and I need guidance in my life. I have found that (barring situations where I REQUIRE help), if I am not my own advocate, I hand control over to other PEOPLE. PEOPLE …just as flawed as I am. I listen closely to the direction of others, for often they see what I cannot, yet I stand up for myself. I am NOT known for being rude and combative. IT IS possible to stand up  for yourself without being an ass; as long as I am doing what’s BEST for me, I have no problem standing up for myself.

When I am not well, I need people to direct me; fear not admitting when you need help. That is truly being your own best advocate. ADMITTNG you’re flawed and require others help. One need not fear speaking their truth, but not so prideful and egotistical that they do not accept help. I say this from my vantage point NOW, for there have absolutely been times when I needed help and guidance from EVERYONE and EVERYWHERE and EVERYTHING! Even now, I often need help; do not be afraid to speak up, others are there to guide you, but speak up and don’t be afraid to admit your flaws and needs. Sometimes, we require help, but without speaking our truth; we cannot receive said help. There is comfort to be found in standing up for yourself, yet admitting when you are wrong.

P.S. I am absolutely NOT a professional! I am simply a person who has navigated many obstacles. If you seriously need help; please seek it out. I just offer friendly advice, but there are absolutely good, qualified professionals who will offer you help if required!


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