Seek not perfection

If you are human, which you are, seek to be your best; not perfect. Perfection is an illusion sought after by so many; it has the ability to destroy. Often in our quest to reach this pinnacle, we find ourselves feeling worse about ourselves than ever before; never ENOUGH. It is not until we stop seeking such and become comfortable with our flaws that we are filled with a sense of inner peace. I have heard, “You must learn to be comfortable with discomfort”. I am constantly striving to better myself; yet I do not disillusion myself by trying to obtain something which is a mere dream. People often crave that which they cannot have; whether that is a better body, more money, the perfect job, significant other, etc.  This often leads to feelings of futility and inferiority; realize it’s completely alright to have flaws and imperfections. These things are simply a part of the human experience; you are not alone with them. Some individuals have more flaws than others, but everyone has them in some amount or another. I got angry at my pants earlier, because they were stuck; HARDLY the mark of a perfect individual! Frustration, anger, sadness, anxiety, jealousy, etc. are all something people experience; I believe that’s safe to say. To be human is to experience emotions and, unless you have no interactions with world, they are experienced to a certain degree.

I will tell you; often we all but disintegrate attempt to reach our dreams of grandeur. It ironic to me that (often) the higher we climb …the greater the fall when we lose our footing. I refuse to place myself or have others place me on a pedestal. Like everyone else, I am human and writhe with imperfections; some more obvious than others (some are internal, as well). These flaws don’t lessen me as a person; each being is perfectly imperfect and faces illness, emotions, physical flaws, etc. Find beauty in your imperfections J


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