Aging… it happens to everyone. Take heed: young people you will age. I am by no means older, but I am 37… that in between age where you’re not a senior, but not young anymore. I attend conferences with younger people; while they stay up all night and drink Monsters and eat Slim Jim’s, I take naps and arrive supplied with vitamins and pill bottles. Yes, I remember those days well; they are not far gone. Age creeps up like a thief in the night, however, according to one of my much older friends, “You are only as old as you feel”. I know twenty year olds who have the body and the jaded, crotchety mentality of someone much older; conversely, I know many 80-100 year olds who are spritely and youthful, accept their age with grace and don’t let it stop them. My grandmother is a prime example of this. At age 81, she has just recently stopped making cross country trips and driving by herself at night. My stepfather is a personal trainer at age 68 and frequently outperforms the younger set at the gym. Yes, age is only a chronological marker of your time spent on earth, not necessarily a determining factor for people as individuals.

If you are older, wear your age proudly!! You have achieved what many do not! I tell you, as a disabled woman, I can relate to needing assistance; it is much of my reasoning behind being so involved in the physical activity of senior citizens. I relate at a fundamental level, for better or worse. I believe it is for the better, as it has, indeed, made me more empathetically aware of our aging population. Like I said, I am at the age of wrinkles and sagging and stretch marks. I am absolutely not as young as a once was, and thank God for that! With age also comes wisdom; not always… I often find myself laughing the antics I performed when I was younger; often recently! Sadly, people do not often age well; they sometimes allow the years to take their toll both mentally and physically. To that I say one is NEVER too old to reclaim their life and start where they are! Do it today!

Love, Someone who gets it


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