Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile.– Abu Bakr

I have found,especially recently, the importance of knowledge of a situation. Contemplation and knowledge helps one keep abreast of their circumstances. But simply being armed with this knowledge does no good if it is not beneficially used and/or acted upon. If I was sharing my experience blindly without having taken action in my life…well, I’d just be saying many words that would not be in accordance with my life. I have found (for me) knowledge without action is completely futile; self-knowledge especially. Yes, there are causes for states of being, but what can I do to change said state of being (if negative).

Mental : Do not dwell on root causes; question what you can do about your present circumstance. Live in the present, not the past; you cannot change your (or the worlds’) history.Concentrate on making the present the best it can be.

Physical: Be aware of your physicality; limitations and abilities. Do your homework,but be careful not to rely on one single source. Compare outlets, opinions and stated research can vary widely, it is wise to question (to a certain point; too much can lead to confusion and annoyance).

Social: Do not waste the present moment. Time goes by quickly; best not to live with regret. Often, we find ourselves ruminating on our pasts, living in it. Our pasts do influence us, but people are not their pasts.  Just because you have lived a certain way prior to this point does not mean that you cannot change the here and now.

To know-Copernicus


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Combination of knowledge and action is called engineering,,,,,,