“Judge lest not ye be judged.” Word to humanity, every form of life is just as valid as the next. Just because a person may not be a prime specimen does not mean they should be treated with less value or care as the next person. If an animal is old or disfigured it is not less capable of loving. Often times in society, we only reach out to that which is aestheticallly pleasing, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder,we only see what we can see externally.

Mental:Accomplishments are not always tangible;for example: attitude and perseverance cannot be quantified, but are of the utmost importance. You influence on society is rarely measured, but felt by those around you.

Physical: If you are ailing in one part of your physical self, don’t let other areas go unattended. The body performs MANY different functions and each effects the other.

Social: Give of yourself to the world,do not be so quick to evaluate certain people or situations not worthy.  You will reap what you sow,let it be positive

love yourself


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