So my cat is teaching me a lesson and is taking me back to my youth. There is alot children and babies can teach us. My cat has many toys and “fancy” things that  I have paid handsomely for. Ironically when I buy these things, he’s most impressed with the bag it came in.I remember when I was young,  being enthralled with the wrapping paper on presents, rather than the gift itself. As I got older, I slowly became more concerned with the actual gift. If I was hungry, I needed food, I wasn’t concerned with how fancy it was. As I became an adult, it became a learned behavior to need extra “things” to make me happy. I am trying to not think in this way, but it has been learned over 34 years. I am working on it!

Mental: When you do (or do not  do) something difficult or don’t “give in”, be PROUD of yourself. Sometimes even things that may, on the surface, seem an obvious decision, can be VERY hard. Do not take small victories lightly,for if thproud1


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