SO, the things I witnessed this morning were,well,incredible.

I volunteered at an 8k race near where I live. 1200 people partcipated.

There was a group of wounded veterans using handbikes, which was cool enough. But then one of them came in 1st out of EVERYONE and they all finished in the front 🙂 And everyone came to the finish line and was screaming and clapping and encouraging and running with the woman who was last. It was AWESOME. I am so proud of everyone that did this today!

Mental: Tell yourself you can do it. I’m sure alot of those people wanted to give up. But they didn’t. Mind prevailed.

Physical: When I’m sure their bodies where saying AAAAHHH! they set the goal of reaching the finish line and did it. Some before others/vice versa, but they did it. Sometimes you have to set small goals. I know I thought I had to “be better” instantly. It didn’t work for me until I took steps towards improving.

Social: If you give positive vibes off they’ll probably eventually get returned. This woman today, who came in last gave off positive energy and showed she was trying hard, and she received an outpouring of love and admiration. Usually one will find that if they project good things, those things will come back to them.

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