So yes, it will be holistic,but I will give pointers on some things that have helped ME so far. And fyi, just because something worked for me, it may not work for everyone. I have taken alot of peoples’ advice into consideration in my life and not EVERYTHING has helped,but alot has. 

Physical for day : there’s nothing wrong with starting small, trust me! I know it can be a blow to your ego, but you can’t get miraculously from point A to point B. Just try a little harder each time you do something. It helps me to have a partner, people around, trainer (if you can) etc. Someone you depend on and vice versa!

Mental: Tell yourself that you can do it! Maybe others have given up on you or you feel like “what’s the point?” Don’t let society have the last word. Believe in yourself and you’ll slowly find others do to. Lead by example. YOU have the power of your thoughts, NOT others!

Social: Do not let the world bring you down. Sometimes it takes getting out of yourself; taking action. If a situation doesn’t feel right….don’t get involved. If it’s going to bring you happiness, even if it is weird to you, try it! What’s the worst case scenario… you just don’t do it again! But give things a chance, everything takes time to get used to 🙂




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